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Are you ready to transform and grow at a rapid pace?


My intention for running this program is to help activate the healer within you. I want you to know that you can handle anything life throws at you once you have the right tools in your toolkit.


We will meet at the beautiful Enlightn Clinic, over Four immersive Wednesday evening sessions from 7pm – 9pm, filled with transformative teachings and powerful practices.


I will run through Group Kinesiology balances, so we can clear the way to activate deep transformation within each of you.


Learn my proven tools and techniques for self-clearing (all the tools to know how to self-muscle test), nervous system regulation, somatic healing, and anchoring in feelings of joy, abundance, and confidence!


Dive deep into understanding and overcoming fear, embark on powerful trance journeys, and experience mind-blowing sound healing sessions!


A powerful and transformative Breathwork journey performed by a special guest, as you receive a Sound Healing from me.


A deeply restorative yoga practice by another special guest on the final night, as you receive deeply healing energy work from me.


You'll receive exclusive gifts including personalized flower essence and essential oil blends, a crystal pendulum, one of my emotions posters, and even a FREE Kinesiology balance with me!


Spots are limited as I am capping this group at 10 people, so we can have an intimate group to allow the energy to go deep into the healing process.


I know this group is going to be so special and I can't wait to see you in there.

4 Week Transformation - Group Healing

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