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An online social media workshop by The House of You (by Ash and Brit) designed to teach you the fundamentals of social media, branding and self-exploration so you can authentically show up as a practitioner or business owner and reach your full potential.


Date: 6 March

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Facilitators: Ash (Grounded Soul Kinesiology) and Brit (Studio Kie)


During this workshop we will cover:


  • Self-exploration tools: How to break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back / stopping you from posting and fully expressing yourself on social media. We will teach you simple tools so you can move through these blocks yourself.
  • Personal branding: What you need to consider for your branding before you start posting and how this helps you connect with your dream clients.
  • Social media fundamentals: Here’s where we will get into the logistics of social media. We will give you our tried and tested tips and tools to help you start showing up on Instagram and TikTok authentically including:
    • Social media strategy
    • Planning/scheduling
    • Creating images, carousels, stories and reels/tiktoks
    • When to post, how to post, how to make social media work for you
    • Our tips to make your life easier and take away the fear of posting
    • and more!

You will receive:


  • All of our top tips to help you with your social media skills
  • Our slide deck with all the important information
  • The workshop recording so you can watch it again!

This workshop is for you if:


  • You want to show on social media authentically AND successfully
  • You are struggling with social media, don't understand it or simply don't know where to start
  • You have a business and you want to learn how to use digital marketing for your benefit
  • You are a practitioner and feel like you need help learning how to do social media
  • You aren't able to afford a social media manager so want some knowledge and experience so you can do it yourself
  • You can want to grow your audience AND your business
  • You feel blocked or stagnant when it comes to social media, like you find it hard to put yourself out there!

The House of You Social Media Workshop

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