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“Ash is an angel sent to this Earth to heal. Ash is incredibly intuitive and understanding, with a kind, loving, safe energy. If you need an energetic recalibration or some guidance, I couldn’t recommend her enough”



“Thank you so much for the great Kinesiology session today Ash. I loved the feeling of lightness I experienced afterwards. You have such a gift in getting to the root of the issue and you are a natural. Can't wait for our next session”


“Ash performs holistic guidance and energy work. She creates a safe/warm space and time to come within. Our time together has allowed me to truly grow, find inner strength and reignite my flame. It feels impossible to describe what Ash’s work does for me because its truly profound, but these are some words from my heart to yours”


“Had a kinesiology session with Ash via Zoom. I was not sure about zoom but she exceeded my expectations so much and I am thankful for her advice and our time together”


“Hi Ash I wanted to let you know that I got really clear on what I want and what I deserve after our session and I have just resigned from the job that has been causing me so much stress and ill health the last few months. Thank you so much. I feel so relieved and the happiest and most free I have been for months”


“Just had the most incredible, profound, reassuring and soothing Kinesiology session with Ash. I jumped off our online call zinging with excitement and then cried with release and overall feel a lot more settled and empowered knowing where my energy, body and spirit is at right now”


“Had an amazing online Kinesiology session with Ash. We cleared some fear + limiting beliefs I’m currently experiencing. Feeling so much more grounded and empowered”


“I’m feeling a lot more grounded today thank you so much. Although I still woke during the night my monkey mind wasn’t there and I didn’t go into fearful thoughts. I’m noticing if those thoughts come up they don’t have the same pull over me as they did the past few months. Seriously incredible, thank you for shifting the energy for me you are an actual gem.”


“Thank you so much. I didn’t truly realise how much I needed someone to hold space for me andto feel heard and understood, free of guilt and judgement. I’m very grateful, thank you”


“Just wanted to thank you for the energy healing session I had with you. For only the second time experiencing this modality, you made me feel completely safe and free to be me. I was able to get out of my own head and I was truly amazed at the movements in my body as you were shifting the energy. I never thought this would be possible from two sessions. Something extraordinary happened that day.. I gained a whole new love and perspective on myself and reflecting back that’s exactly what I needed to give me the push to step up. Thank you”


"Firstly, woooaahhh since our session I have felt the BIGGEST shift in my energy, my mindset and in my belief at work. It's literally been 3 days! I've gained so much energy back and feeling a great sense of inspiration again". 


"Hey Ash, just popping in to say I feel much more grounded since our session. I do feel like I've moved some of that heavy energy I was carrying. I'm much more lighter in my mind, body and actions since our session. I've been able to move through the week with much more ease and excitement rather than fear and worry so thank you. As always your sessions help so much".


"I just wanted to let you know that I feel a really significant and positive shift after our session yesterday. Much, umm, lighter and more free somehow. Thank you! Also, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to have you in my team. I was thinking how grateful I was on the drive to you on Saturday and felt double the gratitude on the way home".


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for our session last night. As always you give me clarity and just a safe and warm space to show up exactly as I am".


"Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for our session. I still struggle to find the words to describe what our sessions involve, but also how I feel afterwards. Since our session I have felt so much more aligned and centred. I love the laughs we have even more when I'm upset or not having the greatest day. You make me feel so calm and I love that I can be my true self and completely and utterly honest with you. I have followed all your directions since our session and I cannot stop smiling. I just adore you and want to express my gratitude for always holding such a safe space for me and becoming a beautiful friend. My first session with you was a year ago and I can't believe how far I have come and I have you to thank for being part of my journey".


"I just got a bit teary thinking about how much nicer I have been to myself about my body since our session. I never expected such a shift this quickly, actually to be honest I wasn't sure I'd be able to shift my mindset at all. Thank you!".


"I honestly felt broken at the start of our appointment, but feeling so much better physically and mentally today. I really appreciate the safe space you create and how grounded and nurturing you are. I'd really like to make this a regular thing so we can peel some more layers".


"I truly thank you for helping me to push through barriers and become my true authentic self. You are teaching me that what doesn't serve me , it's ok to say no and still maintain a beautiful loving relationship with my loved ones. My gosh this is just mind blowing, I have been told to set boundaries for years but I could never do it. But by you helping me to channel my inner self for my own self-worth, I am now starting to see the light and truly understand what it means to set boundaries. I just want to say thank you with so much gratitude for believing in me and showing me the way and it doesn't have to be as hard as I have been making this for myself all my life. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I am truly so honoured and blessed that you have come into my life to show me a beautiful way of life with such integrity. I believe we have crossed paths for a reason and this is only 2 sessions and your magic is already starting to work on me".


"Both my girls started a new school this year so to help with the transition I booked them in with Ash. Best decision I made!! Ash helped clear a range of issues from anxiety, learning blockages and to help increase confidence, all of which have helped with a seamless start to school and two happy girls. Highly recommend a Kinesiology treatment , we are booked in regularly as my girls enjoy them so much. Thank you Ash for being so gentle and caring with my kids".


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